Adidas CW1526 - Trending Fake Alert!

Adidas CW1526 - Trending Fake Alert!

This is a trending fake code that is being commonly used across many fake shirts from the last few years and is still being used now. 

CW1526 Correct Adidas Shirt 

The correct shirt for this code is the 2018 Columbia home and away shirt. The CW1526 code represents the shirt and the other number represent if it is home or away. 

Correct Columbia home and away shirts for CW1526

Anything other than these shirts and it's a fake with that code.

All Adidas codes are unique for the shirts and a quick Google search will show up what the shirt should be on most occasions. 

I process a large number of football shirts monthly and get used to seeing the fake codes. This code is still doing the rounds and I've recently seen it on a "new in bag" 2021/2022 Manchester United away shirt! 

Recent/ common shirts using this code 

    • Manchester United EA Sports 4th kit
    • Manchester United 21/22 all kits
    • Manchester United 18/19 away kit (pink)
    • Manchester United 20/21 away kit (Zebra)
    • Juventus 2019 - 2020 - 2021 home shirt
    • Any recent Bayern Munich shirts - especially the Octoberfest versions
    • Arsenal 2019 home shirt

There are lots more shirts out there with this code. I would expect it is the same factory that is producing all these fakes and using the same codes for all of them.

Keep an eye out for this one! CW1526 is a popular code in the Adidas counterfeit world. 

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