Vintage Shirt Condition Guide

When we receive vintage shirts they are all graded and the condition scored out of 10. Anything less than 7.5 is not sold on the site as we do not deem this to be good enough for sale on the site. These are used for cushion covers, man cave/ she shed decoration and various other craft projects. 

Our grading system 

10/10 Shirt 

This is reserved for new shirts or shirts that are in absolutely mint condition. For vintage shirts it is very rare we score them 10/10! 

9.5/10 Shirts

These shirts are in what we consider a "collector's item" condition. They may have been worn lightly but will have no defects and no noticeable signs of wear. 

9/10 Shirts

These shirts have a maximum of 1 small pull and no bobbling. They can be shirts that have been worn and show very light signs of wear but have no defects. 

8.5/10 Shirts

These shirts can fall under different classifications. They are shirts that either have some bobbling or some pulls. They may have signs of wear like discolouration. They are still shirts that are in a good enough condition to keep or wear. It is important to read the description of these shirts as they will detail any defects. 

8/10 and less Shirts

These are shirts that have some signs of wear and tear and could have things like - 

  • Pulls or micro pulls
  • Areas of bobbling or light bobbling
  • Slight peeling to sponsors or badges
  • Loose threads of hems (7/10 shirts)
  • Marks on the shirts that may wash out.

Why we don't wash shirts? 

On some of our listings, you may notice "has marks which could wash out" and you may wonder why we don't just wash them first. The main reason is due to the volume of shirts we sell on a monthly basis. On average we receive around 1,000 shirts per month from different suppliers and around 10% to 15% of there will have marks on them. 

Taking into consideration that you need to wash all the colours separately and a lot of the different print types it is not practical to do 70-80 wash loads per month. It is a quicker and better option for us to sell them without the marks for the buyer to remove the marks. 

If a shirt is listed as having marks on this will be detailed in the description of the shirt. There will also be a close-up photo of the marks on the shirts photographs.

If you do need any more information about any of the shirts we sell please use the site's chat facility or message us on social media and we will do our best to help. 

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