If you’re new here, I’m Simon and I have a (completely healthy) passion for vintage football shirts. Without disclosing my age, since I think I could still pass for a 25-year-old, it has been a passion of mine for a number of years. I have spent a lot of time sourcing each shirt and learning how to tell whether they are authentic or fake. Over time I have managed to build an impressive personal collection of various classic football shirts from over the last few decades. This knowledge helped me to setup the site and authenticate the shirts quickly. 

There is only so much space in a home before you run out of room to showcase your collection. The said, I have no plans to stop collecting them. They give me a lot of joy and I wanted to give that to others, whilst still being able to experience the same joy you get from seeing vintage football shirts that have been a part of football history. 

Starting Out With Casual Football Shirts

Casual Football Shirts was born in 2021, through the pandemic. Building any business can be scary, but running a business through times of uncertainty and with so many restrictions can be extra challenging. Still, I knew there was many more people that have the same passion for football shirts as me, so I pressed on with my goals and remained optimistic that all would work out as I had hoped. 

I started off buying and selling smaller volumes and did plenty of research along the way. Once I had shipped a fair few retro football shirts out, I made sure I paid attention to what my customers thought about their buying experience and used it to make sure I was on the right track. 

...To Now

Since the birth of Casual Football Shirts, it has grown immensely and I could not be happier. I get to see hundreds of football shirts pass through my premises each month and I get to spread some joy to customers all over the world. Can you really ask for anymore from a business you built? I love what I do and the happiness it brings to my customers, which make the hours of sourcing and verifying authenticity worth it. 

It does not stop there. Casual Football Shirts continues to rapidly grow. I honestly cannot wait to see where the journey takes me, not to mention the football shirts I will be able to see and pass on to you to enjoy the nostalgia of footballs glory days.