Collection: Football Shirt Bucket Hats

Here are the latest football shirt bucket hats that we have for sale. These are all made from authentic football shirts that have damage or print errors. These shirts are filtered out and sent to the reworked team to be made into funky bucket hats. We try to use all the material from the shirts - watch out for shirt mash-up hats that come available every now and again!

Everything You Need To Know About Our Bucket Hats

Our bucket hats are all made from football shirts that have damage or print errors. Where the damage is minor the shirts will be listed for sale, where the damage is major the shirts then go to our reworked team where they are converting into bucket hats or wall art.

All the spare material is saved and used for more hats, wall are or tote bags. You can show your support for your team in so many ways!

Types of damaged shirts that are converted -

  • Shirts with major holes or large pulls that are very noticeable when looking at the shirt.
  • Shirts that have damage to the sponsor or name print that cannot be easily repaired.
  • Youth shirts that have an incorrect name or number print.
  • Shirts with print damage. These include shirts that have the wrong prints, wonky prints or wrong names.

Here are some examples of the damaged shirts that have been made into bucket hats instead.

Vintage Shirt Bucket Hats

As well as some of the newer shirts we do make some vintage (pre 2000) shirts into bucket hats. The threshold for the damage is much higher as we fully appreciate the higher value of vintage shirts. We do not want to cut up and damage classic shirts unless they are in a bad and un saleable condition. As we buy in large wholesale amounts we often get grade B shirts that have seen better days. If these are beyond sale or repair then we will add them to the bucket hat pile. Again we do our best to save as much of the material as possible and at times do mash up hats with the material that is left over.