Sell Football Shirts - Quick Price And Easy Transaction

If you are interested in selling your football shirt or collection of football shirts then I am looking to buy them! I turn over a huge number of football shirts every month and I am always looking for more stock every month. Please read on to find out what I'm looking for and how the process works.

What shirts I'm looking for

  • Authentic - This is a must
  • Good condition - I am not interested in peeling sponsors or shirts with holes or damage. 
  • Vintage - I will look at newer shirts as a part of a collection but other than rarer shirts I'm not really looking for shirts from 2010 onwards ideally. Please send anything over though so I can make you an offer. 
  • Training - I will look at buying training kits, mainly from the 1990s.
  • Player issue/ Match worn - Please submit full details to confirm it is a player issue or match worn COA. Due to the volume of shirts I receive, I am not looking to work out if your shirt is match worn or not. 
  • Signed - I am only looking for signed shirts with a COA from a reputable company. I will not buy these with a photo of someone with the player and a shirt. 

How to get a price

Sent your shirts to

WhatsApp: +44 07810066442  (Preferred)


Details to include 

  • The shirt, year, size and condition
  • All shirts as a bundle
  • Photos of the shirt (More will be requested to confirm they are authentic)
  • An expected price, if you have one.

Please note this is a service for buying football shirts and not to value your collection, or for written insurance valuations. 

How the process works

  1. You fill in the form and send photos of the shirts.
  2. I come back to you to confirm if I am interested and to request more photos or to make an offer.
  3. If agreed you send the shirts to me via a recorded service.
  4. I check the shirts on arrival and pay you either by bank transfer or by PayPal - Whatever you prefer.
  5. If the shirts do not match the description when checked the shirts will be returned to you via an insured service. 

Are old football shirts valuable?

This is a common question, along with "how much are my shirts worth". There are many different factors that affect the value but most shirts from before 2000 have a reasonable value of over £50 up to rarer shirts that can run into a few hundred.

What affects the value of vintage football shirts?

This is from my experience 

  • How collectable the team is - Rarer shirts from more popular teams command a higher premium,
  • The size of the shirt - Recently the trend for this has been widening. Adults' sizes are worth considerably more than children's. Large shirts are worth the most with small and XXL or above potentially worth a lot less. 
  • The condition - This goes without saying, the better condition the shirt the higher the price. The older the shirt gets the more the condition affects the price.

Where is the best place to sell old football shirts?

There are numerous places to sell your old football shirt, I think I am the best! I will do my best to offer you a fair price for an effortless transaction. No auctions, no haggling, no fees to pay - The price I offer you is the price you get. If you can get the shirts to me quickly you can have the money in 2-3 days after filling in the form. 

If for some reason the shirts are not for me, I will point you in the direction of the best place to sell them.

Got any questions?

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