Sell Match Worn/ Players Shirts

If you are looking to sell players football shirts (or ex players) or match worn shirts then please read on to understand the process of getting a price. The match worn shirt market is a tricky one to navigate so the more information you can provide the better I will be able to offer you a price. 

Match worn shirt sale process

 1 - Please contact me with the details of the shirts or collection you are looking to sell.

If the shirts are player or match worn shirts please include the following information as a minimum. I do understand some of this may not be know so please just note down if you don't know the details. 

  • The shirt
  • How you came to own the shirt 
  • The match or matches it was worn in
  • If there is a certificate of authenticity (This is not common so don't worry if it does not have one)
  • Photos of the shirt including the labels and any marks or damage
  • Any other information you can provide that would be helpful in confirming the shirt is match worn

Please send the information via email to or via WhatsApp to 07810066442. If you have a lot of photos to send please send them via WhatsApp, if you do not use it please drop me an email and we can sort out another way to send them. 

2 - It will usually take me a few days to verify the shirt and make an offer. Once an offer is agreed I will discuss the process of being paid for the shirts and the delivery. 

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