Are Mystery Football Shirts Legit?

Are Mystery Football Shirts Legit?

This is a commonly asked question. Football mystery boxes do get a bad reputation for poor quality sellers who advertise headline shirts and then most customers get a very average shirt (Or even is some cases fakes).

Scroll down to find why you can be safe buying mystery shirts from me! 

The popularity of the product leads to more people entering the market to try and make some quick money. It's very easy to buy some boxes and set up a mystery shirt company without any credentials. Social media, especially Twitter can be used for competitions to drive sales and quickly and easily grow a brand. 

Here's where these companies source mystery shirts from to make a quick profit

  • MandM direct - Cheap new shirts at £15-£20 each
  • Classicfootballshirts - Clearance section bargains
  • Fakes - Yes there are some companies that happily send out fakes, especially on eBay

Here at Casual Football Shirts I sell mystery boxes, including some amazing children's mystery shirts. These avoid shirts listed above and come as either new or vintage shirts. They are all authentic and all shirts I think you'd be happy with-

Mystery boxes with football shirts - Ad

How To Find Mystery Shirt Companies To Avoid!

Picking the better companies from the less legitimate ones is a difficult task at times and I would avoid picking them from social media unless you check them out throughly.

How To Check On Social Media

Here is what to look for

  • Do they have a lot of followers? If they don't then avoid them!
  • Do they have lots of engagements on posts? It could be that they bought 50,000 followers to look good but no one interacts with them
  • Do a search for mentions of the account, you will see people tagging them in the shirts they have received 
  • Do they have a decent website? Or does it look unprofessional 

If you see anything you don't think is right then avoid these companies.

How to check on a companies website

If you do a Google search for "football shirt mystery box" then you'll find a lot of companies come up. Avoid the top 4 listings that have "ad" next to them. These are paid positions and anyone can pay more than others to appear top here.

Look for the organic listings, these are companies that have established over time to build their rankings and have usually been around for a reasonable amount of time.

On their site look for customer reviews and see what they are saying about the shirts. You should find a good number of reviews if they are a purely mystery box company. You can also google the company name or website followed by reviews to see if they have reviews from other companies such as Trust pilot. 

Again if there is anything that you are unhappy with then don't order. 

Where to buy legit mystery shirts

Here at casual football shirts I sell mystery  boxes - They are a mix of new and vintage shirts. I look for up and coming suppliers for the new shirts and make sure the designs are hot! 

As a vintage shirt seller I can have hundreds of shirts in stock at anytime and work to make sure my mystery shirts are the best around. 

Why you can trust me (Simon) and Casual Football Shirts mystery shirts

  • I make sure I'd personally be happy with any mystery box I send out - As a shirt collector and seller I like to think I can see the value of shirts and what's good to receive.
  • All shirts are checked to make sure they are authentic and at least 8/10 condition. If you get a shirt that you aren't happy that it is authentic, message me and I'll confirm it for you. Still not happy - send it back for a full refund. 
  • If you're really not happy with what you get, I'll exchange it for another one for you. I understand sometimes people get shirts from rivals or teams they don't like.

I hope this guide has helped you to pick where to buy your mystery football shirts from. If you have any questions drop me a message through my social channels and I'll be happy to answer them for you! 

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