David Beckham Debut Ticket Stub Sales!

David Beckham Debut Ticket Stub Sales!

David Beckham is a global megastar with a range of products available across the world. If you were lucky enough to see him make his Manchester United or England debut then you may have a ticket stub that is worth thousands of pounds! Here are some recent sales of tickets from eBay and online auction houses. 

1 - 1992 Debut Ticket Stub v Brighton

The match took place on the 23rd of September in 1992. Beckham's debut was as a substitute for Andrei Kanchelskis in a 1-1 draw. There were 16,649 fans in attendance at the match.

It was not until January 1993 that Beckham would sign his first professional contract. 

From checking around various sources there has been a number of sales of these stubs recently as people have realised the value of brand Beckham on the international stage. 

Sale date: 10th January 2022 - £11,486 ($15,027)

This was sold at an American auction house and is the highest price I can find that has been paid for one of these ticket stubs. The ticket was in the south stand and cost £5.50. 

This was graded as PR1 by auction house Goldin meaning it was not in the best condition. 

Here's the ticket - 

David Beckham Ticket form his debut

2 - Debut v Brighton - £6,000 - Sold on eBay

Sale date: 2nd February 2022

This was put up for sale by a UK seller who was at the match, they also have the program listed from the match for sale. The buyer accepted a best offer so we will never know how much they accepted or where the ticket ended up. 

There must be more of these tickets around in the Brighton area. I do wonder how much one would go for if it was an away ticket in the United end? 

Here is the ticket - 

David Beckham debut ticket stub

3 - 1996 England debut v Moldova ticket - £1,589

Sale date: 25th February 2022

It's hard to think of Beckham not being a full international but after going on loan to Preston it wasn't until 1996 when he made his debut away against Moldova. This was in the qualifying group for France 98.

There were only 9,500 fans in attendance on the night when England won 3-0. Moldova missed a late penalty. 

Here is the ticket - 

Beckham's debut ticket for England

4 - Newcastle United v Manchester United 1994 - £1,000

Sale date: 21st February 2022

This was one of the early games Beckham played in and seems quite a high value when compared to his debut. The item was described as creased and a little worn. This shows the value of these tickets when there is interest from collectors. 

The value is heightened as he only started in 4 Premier League games in the 1994/1995 season. He went on to play 33 games in his next season as he became a first team regular. 

Premier League start v Newcasstle United

5 - Manchester United v Leeds - Premier League debut ticket - £820

Sale date: 6th March 2022

Another debut ticket stub sole for a high price. This was Beckham's debut for Manchester United in the Premier League. This ticket sold at auction and had 23 bids to push it up to the final £820 price. I'm not sure why this one went for such a high price when others have sold for £200 - £350 (scroll down to see some other recent sales). 

Here's the ticket

Beckham Premier League debut ticket

Have you got a ticket from one of these matches? You could be sitting on a fortune you never knew of! 

Other sales outside the top 5 

  • Premier League debut ticket - £510
  • England debut ticket - £474
  • Premier League debut ticket £360
  • Half way line goal ticket - £349
  • Premier League debut - £210
  • Premier League debut - £204
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