How To Display Your Football Shirts

How To Display Your Football Shirts

For todays blog I'm joined by Zeke, (Twitter: @knockemdownes IG: @freshshirtsuk) who looks ways to display your shirts. 

Most of us like to wear our football shirts. But there are certain shirts that are too rare to wear. This means we need another way to enjoy these shirts. Let’s dive into the options you have for displaying your unwearable shirts. 

Something I’ve spoken about before is framing. This is a fantastic way to showcase your rare shirts in a way that properly shows them off. However, when done professionally, it’s going to cost a pretty penny to do.

It’s worth every penny if you can afford it, because nothing else would look quite as good as a framed shirt. You can get a plaque made to tell everyone what the shirt is, and can even add photos to the bottom to add a bit of much needed context. All of this together makes for a superb addition to your collection, and to your home.

I would recommend looking for a local framers and going in and having a chat about the frames and the service they offer. I use a local company for my personal framed collection. 

Here is a budget example of shirt framing from (this is an example and not a recommendation)

Shirt framing example

If you’re looking for a cheaper display hack then you could get your shirts mounted on a square or rectangular board, folded round the back to show the details you want to show, be that a name-set or the front of the shirt. You could get creative and make this one yourself, or there are people who make them for you.

This is a really cheap and easy way to display shirts if your child fancies having some on their wall. These shirts could be held up by a hanger, or the boards themselves could be attached to the wall. 

Football shirts on hanging rail

These are an example from where you can buy these hangers for £9.99 each or 4 for £29.99 + postage (correct at the time of writing, subject to change. 

The simplest way to display your shirts would be on a hanger on a nail in the wall. This can look really good and shows every part of the shirt you want to show off. The cheapest option by far and a really good option for you. 

Of course you can “display” them on a rail, but the shirts themselves aren’t properly on show, as you only see the edges of them. 

There will be other display options, and I’m sure you all know some, so share them with the community, as sharing is caring! 

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