Modern Classic Manchester United Shirts - My Top 3!

Modern Classic Manchester United Shirts - My Top 3!

We all know the phrase "modern classic" is thrown around about any new shirt that comes out and looks half decent. I've delved through the shirts from 2005 onwards to pick my top 3 modern classic Manchester United shirts. (If you don't know this, I'm a United fan and have been watching them since 1990). 

The top 3 was a hard call with the 2009/2010 home and away coming close and the 2021/2022 third being a late shout for a top 3 spot. 

Number 3 - 2020/2021 Third Shirt

This is the newest shirt on the list and one that really stands out as a bold design. The pink 2018/2019 almost stole third place but I just had to go with this. I's often referred to as the "zebra" shirt and it is a shirt that really stands out among the historical United shirts.

I do think it's a love it or hate it kind of shirt, but I'm in the love it category. When you consider the other shirts that year were on the plain side this one had to stand out or it would have been a very forgettable year. Over time United's 20/21 third shirt has really grown on me. In the player spec the shirts designs look even bolder. 

MUFC 2020-2021 Third kit launch photo

Number 2 - 2018/2019 Away shirt

The first and only pink Manchester United shirt was a bit of a shock when it was first launched. What I really like about this one, as well as the look, is that it has a story about Manchester behind it.

The pink was the colour of the Manchester Evening news late edition that was the only way to find out the scores from other matches after the games in the 1960s/ 70s and 80s. The use of something historical from the City of Manchester is a good twist to create an away shirt that means something. 

This is nothing new though NBA teams have a "city" jersey that represents them every season. 

MUFC 2018 Away shirt launch photo

If you are picking one of these up check for pulls as the material is prone to them. Also look for a player issue spec with the printed badges as these are a lot rarer than the general replica shirts.

See all the Manchester United pink away shirt in stock here

Number 1 - 2007/2008 Home, Away Goalkeeper

Home: 2007/2007 & 2008/2009 season
Away: 2007/2008 season only

I could have had these three as the top 3 but decided to group them together. The back stripes are iconic for the 2007/2008 season and Ronaldo. This shirt has gained in popularity over time with the return of Ronaldo making these shirts ultra-desirable. 

The main downside of them is that the tags come off with wear and washing. It is very hard work to find one in excellent condition. However, they can be repaired with the original tags making them a longer lasting shirt. 

This was the shirt worn in the 2008 Champions League win over Chelsea which adds to its value to United fans. 

mufc 2008 home shirt worn in the Champions League final

In the 2008/2009 season United wore this shirt 30 times winning 24 matches. They went on to win a 3rd consecutive league title, the league cup and lost in the Champions League final to Barcelona. 

If you are looking to buy one then always check the back tags and get one in good condition. If they have been repaired they will be printed over the stitching. If they are original they will be stitched over the print. 

If you want to find a rarer example then look for the long sleeve version.

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