Reworked - Upcycled Football Shirts

Reworked - Upcycled Football Shirts

I am pleased to announce today that a new department at Casual Football Shirts is starting - reworked! We buy a large volume of football shirts we are always getting shirts that are damaged or have holes in or are in an unsaleable condition. Our new department will be upcycling these shirts to make the most out of the material and give them a new life. The amount of waste the business produces is something that is important to us and we are always trying to reduce this - reworked will further help us.

Here's what we have planned! 

ReWorked Bucket Hats

You cannot ignore the trend for bucket hats in the UK. At the summer festivals, you'll see loads of them! We are planning to make bucket hats from a number of damaged shirts to make the most of the material. These will vary from modern shirts to some old vintage shirts that are unsalvageable. Here is one of the first hats we made, an Arsenal FC bucket hat from a 2022/2023 shirt. 

Any off-cuts of material will be used to make more standard bucket hats that are not focused on any team. These will just be funky colours and bold designs. 

Shop football shirt bucket hats here

ReWorked Football Shirt Wall Art

Football-related wall art is very popular in children's bedrooms, man cave, offices and she-sheds. We take shirts that have been damaged on the front, back or sleeves and convert them to canvas wall art. The shirts are secured over a canvas and easily hung on your wall. These are all made with authentic shirts. 

ReWorked Football Shirt Tote Bags

We're also planning a range of tote shopping bags. This will be made from shirts where the front panel of the shirt are in good condition and the damage is more on the sleeves or the bag. This will give you the chance to show your support and save another football shirt. With the durability of the material, if well kept, these bags should last a long time. 

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