The Top 5 Shirts Of 2022/2023 Season

The Top 5 Shirts Of 2022/2023 Season

We've now hit a point where almost all shirts have been either released or leaked by someone, like an ASOS model on TicToc! I've been following all the launches and I've settled on my top 5. Do you agree or do you think there's any I've missed? Message me on socials with your thoughts. 

Disclaimer: As a guide, I like bolder shirts, a white Bayern shirt with gold trim isn't going to make the list. I'm looking for designs that catch your eye rather than "oh another Manchester United home shirt, this year it has a collar" shirt. 

My Top 5

We'll go in reverse order and save the best until last.

No 5 - Rayo Vallecano Shirts

What a stunner we have to kick things off. I was at the pre season friendly against Manchester United when they were wearing this shirt and it really catches the eye. 

What I love about it is the lightning strike is on the back as well as the front. This translates well on the shirt when worn. It has already been used for a season and is staying for the 22/23 season too. 

Rayo 22-23 shirts

The lightening theme continues with the away kit and the home template is reused in the third kit - A stunning collection of shirts. 

No 4 - Stoke City Away Shirt

Stoke is not a team that renounded for their shirts so this sash away shirt came out of the blue. I do like a sash shirt and the 3 line of this one is an excellent design. This looks even better in the sponsor-less version, available on the site for adults and children. At £48 this isn't bad value for fans either compared to some other clubs. 

Here it is in its sponsor-less glory - 

22-23 Stoke City-unsponsored-away-shirt

No 3 - Bournemouth Home Shirt

Red - yes

Black - yes

Zig zag pattern - yes

What is not to like here (Well the Dafabet sponsor but you can buy the sponsorless version anyway). 

Bournemouth home shirt 22-23

This is the kind of bold design I love to see. 

No 2 - Norwich City Home Shirt

This year every shirt seems to be a throwback from another popular shirt, to the point its getting boring. Most of them are a duller modern reimagination of a classic shirt and most of them fail to hit the mark, in my opinion. 

Then came this belter from Norwich - 

Norwich City 22-23 home shirt

This is fantastic re-imagination of the Norwich home shirt of the 1980s. They also did a great job with the 80s vibes on the launch video featuring walkmans and ghetto blasters and more. 

I don't usually own any English team shirts other than Manchester United but this one has me tempted as a purchase for my personal collection. 

No 1 - Crystal Palace - Home, Away & Third

I had the Norwich shirt at number 1 for a while until Palace dropped all 3 of their kits and they came in at number 1. What Palace has done well this year is the continuity of the design across all 3 shirts - This is a spectacular trio. I always think that clubs should cary designs across the kits to create more of a "season" look.

Usually, home shirts for major clubs are dull with minor tweaks year after year, even the Palace home shirt is excellent. 

Here are the kits - 

ace home away and thoird kit 22-23

I think this season's shirts will be very popular among Palace fans! 

What do you think? What is in your top 5? 

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