How Many is Too Many Football Shirts?

How Many is Too Many Football Shirts?

On todays blog I'm going again by shirt collector Zeke (Twitter @knockemdownes, IG: @freshshirtsuk). Here he shares his opinion on the question - can you have too many football shirts? 

Here's what Zeke thinks - 

As a football shirt collector, it’s very easy to just keep on buying shirts (money depending). Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 football shirts, can there be such a thing as too many football shirts? Let’s dive into it.

At the start of my football shirt collecting journey, I used to get FOMO a lot, and often bought shirts just because other people liked them. I bought as many shirts as I physically could to try and boost my collection, but a few months later I would find myself wondering what went through my head.

Luckily, football shirts tend to hold their value, so you can normally get the money back if you decide you no longer want them. FOMO is something we all go through at some point in our lives, and it was very common during lockdown, when everyone had too much time on their hands and more spare change to spend.

I could not resist adding this from Twitter, a collection of over 2,500 shirts all beautifully arranged. (See Zeke's blog on how to store your football shirts here

Is 2000 too many??

It is good to stick to a collecting goal so that you don’t just buy shirts willy nilly, or you might find yourself with shirts you don’t really want. I personally only buy Norwich shirts, Borussia Monchengladbach shirts and anything with a crazy design. This helps me to keep my collection to a size I am happy with, and also means I am less likely to want to move any shirts on in the future. Saying that, I think it is worth having a good look through your collection every few months to refresh your memory of what you have.

This way, if there are any shirts you might want to part ways with you have properly thought it through before making any rash decisions. If you decide you want to keep every single shirt, you know it’s a well-informed decision.

If you wear your shirts, then there is probably a limit to how many you can wear in a certain time period. I have 160 shirts and wear 99% of them, and I think that if I went over the 200 mark then I would only be wearing my shirts once a year. In my mind, this would mean I have too many football shirts, but this doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. If you purely have shirts to admire then it doesn’t really matter how many you have because every shirt adds something different to a collection.

So, is there such thing as too many football shirts? Well, of course not. If they make you happy, buy as many as you like, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

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