Most Expensive Manchester United Shirt Sales On Ebay!

Starting from October 2021 I will be collation all the most expensive Manchester United shirt sales on eBay, with a top 10 the is updated montly. The vast majority of shirts will be match worn player shirts.

The Top 10 Sales

1 - Match Worn Shirt 1984/5 UEFA cup - Arthur Albiston

Date: 14th October 2021
Format: Auction, 34 bids
Price: £5,505.00

This shirt was sold as a match worn UEFA support cup shirt with number 2 on the back. It was listed as worn by Aurtur Albiston, from memory, in a UEFA cup match. The exact match was not known. This clearly has been bought by a collector and is a rare and valuable shirt as the price shows. The chances of finding another shirt like this is very small!  


 Manchester united sold shirt - 1994 match worn sold for £5,505

2 - Signed Framed Ronaldo Shirt 2020 + COA - £4,999

Date: 23rd February 2022
Format: Buy It Now - Offer Accepted
Price: £4,999

Crazy, madness, bonkers - what a price to pay for this! I cannot get my head around paying such an amount for a signed Ronaldo shirt. This did have an offer accepted on it so we will never know the actual price but I would assume it was close to the asking price. 

This just shows the amount people will pay for Ronaldo merch. From my experience it is likely to have been sold to an international buyer. 

The seller was a long stabled sports memorabilia company with a lot of feedback. 


Signed and framed Ronaldo 2020 Manchester United shirt - sold for nearly 5 thousand pounds on eBay

3 - 1999/2000 United Shirt - Match Worn - Dwight Yorke

Date: 14th November 2021
Format: Auction, 25 bids
Price: £4,655.00

The long sleeve version of these shirts sell for up to £300 so it is no surprise that there was significant interest in this auction. Yorke was a key player for United around this time and this will e a valued shirt to any collector. The price does seem high in comparison to the 1994/1995 shirt listed above. 

The shirt was listed as being purchased from Manchester United in 2000 and has been washed and then framed since. There is no COA and no specific match details with the shirt. There is a photo of Yorke playing in a matching shirt on the listing. The seller is a regular seller of Manchester United shirts and memorabilia as well as some other match worn shirts. 


 Yorke 2000 match worn shirt

Anomaly: There was a Berbatov match worn shirt that appears to sell for £4,500 but from social media we are aware the buyer never paid and the shirt was delisted and sold for considerably less.

4 - Signed "Player Issue" 1988/1989 Shirt - Long Sleeve

Date: 21st March 2022
Format: Auction, 54 bids
Price: £4,009.53

This was sold by a seller in Ireland as a player issue shirt. The badge and number on the back are embroidered which is in line with a player issue shirt. From my knowledge they did not sell long sleeve shirts as replicas in the late 1980s.

There was no CAO with the shirt and very limited information on where it came from. The signature of Bryan Robson and Clayton Blackmore are clear on the shirt, which appears to have been signed by all the squad. 
Manchester United 1988 shirt sold for 4000 GBP

5 - Green and Gold Match Worn Shirt - Bryan Robson

Date: 6th January 2022
Format: Auction, 1 bid
Price: £3,900

This was listed as worn by Robson during the Melvyn Brown memorial match v Aston Villa in Belfast on 12th May 1993. This is claimed to be from a trusted source. There is a picture of Robson supposedly paying in this match in this shirt but it does not show the number on the back. 

I have tired to track any photos of this match down but I am unable too. The photo of it being "worn" on the listing was from Getty Images, but the image is actually from Palace v Manchester United that season.

It also strikes me as odd that United would have worn shirts with Premier League patches for a pre season match. I cannot find any details on this match or the shirts worn. This is a shirt I would never have bought, especially at nearly £4,000 pounds! 


 Green and Gold sold for £3500 match worn

6 - 1998 Away Shirt - Long Sleeve - Match Worn

Date: 6th March 2022
Format: Auction, 30 bids
Price: £3,850

To see this in a long sleee is rare and a match worn is even rarer! This was sold by a seller with over 2,000 feedbacks on eBay. The shirt has number 15 on the back but no name, as was the case at the time. Number 15 would have been a substitute. There is no infromation the match it was worn in and no COA offered. 

The interesting thing that verifies this shirt is that it was never sold in a long sleeve, very common in the 1990s. This means it is clearly at least a player issue shirt and a very rare item. The bidding would have been among serious collectors. 


Match worn 1988 Manchester United shirt sold for 3850

7 - 2021/2020 Match Worn & Signed Shirt - Paul Pogba v West Ham

Date: 11th November 2021
Format: Buy it now - best offer accepted
Price: £3,500

This was listed at £3,500 or best offer and a best offer was taken. For this we do not have the data for the exact sale price but we would estimate it to be within 10% of the listed price as is usual with eBay listings. 

This is claimed to be a match worn and signed Pogba shirt from the Premier League game against West Ham. The shirt came from a seller in Canada via someone in France, which already sounds odd.

The shirt is a size 7 and has the correct detailing for a player edition Adidas shirt. The player has signed it on the back. There is no COA with the shirt and no offer of any verification that is is match worn other than the listing saying it is. 

The seller is a regular seller of match worn shirts, some with COA proofs from the clubs. They have 100% positive feedback and have sold other items at a similar price. 

This is not a shirt I would have personally bought at the price listed without some from of COA.


 Pogba match worn v West Ham

8 - Famous Number 7s - 4 x Signed Shirts

Date: 14th October 2021
Format: Auction, 16 bids
Price: £2,750

This is a great buy for a United fan with deep pockets! A signed number 7 shirt from Robson, Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo. These all come with a COA from either the club, all star signings or A1 sports memorabilia. The listing stated that they had another shirt, 7 Best, in a separate auction. 


 Signed and COA famous number 7 shirts

More shirt will be added as more sales happen on eBay! Seen a sale I've missed? Get in touch on social media and let me know. 

9 - Famous Number 7s - Match Worn David Beckham 2002 Shirt

Date: 6th February 2022
Format: Buy it now - offer accepted
Price: £2,200

This seems a high price for a shirt with no listed COA. The listing just states that it is a match worn and is from the 2002/2003 season. There is no information on how they came to own it or even the match that it was worn in. This is one I would have avoided personally! 


Match worn David Beckham shirt from 2002 sold for £2,200

Other sales of over £1,000 that I keep track of - 

  • 5/4/22 - 1994/1996 Away Shirt, Number 5 - £1,810
  • 25/1/22 - 2000/2001 Goal Keeper Shirt - £1,554
  • 9/1/22 - 2008/2009 - Player Issue goal keeper shirt - £1,330
  • 2/3/22 - 1992/1993 Away Shirt, Match Worn Paul Parker - £1,249
  • 31/3/22 - 1988/1989 Away Shirt, Number 12 - £1,137