Top 5 Worst Manchester United Shirts!

Top 5 Worst Manchester United Shirts!

If you've read any of my blogs you'll know that I'm a United fan. Over the years we've had some absolute stinkers. I've gone over them all to bring you my top 5, in reverse order. 

No 5 - 2000/2001 Home Shirt

For me, Umbro and United was the greatest period of kits United has ever had. Some of the Nike ones were decent but if you think of iconic United shirts then you have to think of Umbro. This shirt replaced the 1998/1999 home with the Umbro sleeves as well as the 1998/1999 European 1-star home. That is a serious level of design to follow. Here's how the shirt looked - 

Number 5 - MUFC 2000 Home shirt

There is nothing alarmingly wrong with it, but it is seriously dull in the design stakes. Mix in the "sports wool" material and this is an absolute shocker. 

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No 4 - 2007/2008 Third Shirt

In a blog where I rank the best United shirts, I have the home shirt from this season highly rated. The away matched the home and together they are classic United shirts and some of the most popular from the modern era. Why did they not just keep the stripes on the back design for a white third kit? It would have completed the look and made a fantastic set of shirts. Instead, they went with this snooze fest. 

MUFC 2006 Away shirt

Even the goalkeeper shirts that season followed the same design - This should have too! I do appreciate this was the previous seasons shirt and used for 2 seasons, but they should have changed it to match the set. 

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No 3 - 2022/2023 Third Shirt

The 22/23 Away shirt almost made it into this list as it's dull and effortless, but then they released this monstrosity. What possessed Adidas to come out with a green shirt for United? Okay, they mixed it up with the pink one representing the MEN sports section but this green? Appalling 

MUFC 2022-2022 Green Third - a monstrosity

I had hoped it would look better when it was worn but it doesn't. It just does not look like a Manchester United shirt at all! 

No 2 - 2015/2016 Away Shirt

We are back with Adidas again in position 2. Another dull as dishwater shirt. This was the first season of United being back with Adidas after Nike and they look like they put very little effort into this one. White with red trim and the home wasn't much better at red with white trim. I do not think this period of Adidas and United will be remembered fondly in 20 years' time! 

MUFC 2015 Away shirt

The only highlights of this period, for me, have been the 21/22 away and third shirts. I do not have many modern shirts in my personal United collection other than a couple of GARNACHO shirts. 

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No 1 - 2019/2020 Away Shirt - The Worst In The History Of Manchester United! 

This is the standout worst Manchester United shirt in the club's history. It is up there as one of the worst the Premier League has ever seen. I cannot understand who at United, or Adidas, signed off on a beige snakeskin away shirt. The shirt in position 2 in this list is there because it's boring, but at least it makes sense to the club's colours and standard design. What on earth were they thinking with the monstrosity?

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What do you think of the list? Any you think I've overlooked? Drop me a tweet to @casualfootshirt and let me know. 

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