Vintage Manchester United Shirts To Buy In 2022

Vintage Manchester United Shirts To Buy In 2022

Here are my top United shirts to buy in 2022. These are shirts that I believe are rising in value and getting harder to find. These all all 1990s shirts.

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion and is no guarantee that they will go up in value, check the shirts authenticity and condition before buying and use other sites, like eBay and Depop for a guide to the price (not big vintage shirt retailers).

Best 1990's Manchester United Shirts


1 - 1991 Away, European Cup Winners Cup Shirt

Shirt: White away shirt, with "European Cup Winners Cup winners 1991" around the Manchester United badge.

Date: 1991/1992 season

Look for: How the badge, SHARP and sponsor look, these show signs of wear and fading in most cases. If it looks new then it is probably a remake or fake. The badges get a lot of fluff in them and this can be easily removed with sellotape and patience! 

This is a shirt that has become hot property in recent months with the price going up all the time as the shirt is in scarce supply. As these get bought by collectors they will get rarer and rarer which could drive the price higher. 

2 - 1998/1999 Home Shirt - Long Sleeve?

Shirt: 1998/1999 home shirt, Umbro styling down the sleeve, long sleeve preferred - if you have the budget.

Date: 1998/1999 & 1999/2000

Look for: Avoid name sets that have been added recently, plain is best in the long sleeve shirt. Check the tags and compare to others to avoid remakes. The short sleeve are plentiful and still available at reasonable prices which seem to be rising slowly. The long sleeve is in short supply and sell for much more.

There is something iconic about this shirt in the long sleeve version with the Umbro tape all down the sleeves. 

A Dwight Yorke player worn version long sleeve version of this shirt recently sold for over £4,500 on eBay - You can read my blog on the most expensive United shirt sales on eBay here (Yorke wasn't the highest!).

Fakes to look out for: There seems to be a lot of "remakes" of this shirt with BECKHAM 7 on the back, I'd generally just avoid those if you are not an experience buyer, as they are most likely fakes.

3 - 1990/1991/1992 Away Snowflake Shirt

Shirt: Snowflake away shirt

Date: 1990/1991 & 1992/1992

Look for: Authentic 1990s shirts and avoid fakes! This shirt has lots of fakes for sale and these can be easily spotted by the labels in them. I you go to my vintage United shirts for sale on the site you can see the ones I have for sale and check out the labels.  

If you don't have the budget for an original there are the "Adidas Original" versions for sale too. These were released in 2017 and are still in short supply and go for reasonable prices. These are usually 20% - 30% less than the 1990 versions. These can be easily identified by the Adidas code by the QR code on the inside labels. Do not buy one with out checking these codes.

Size large carries a premium with these shirts, expect to pay 20%+ more for a large. You will pay a lot less for smalls and XXL but these will not sell on as quickly if you move them on. M/L/XL are the key sizes. 

Fakes to look out for: GIGGS 11 long sleeve - There are loads of these about, just avoid anything long sleeve as they are all fakes. Check your labels match on the 1991 version and the Adidas codes on the 2017 remake.  

4 - 1992 Green and Gold Shirt

Shirt: The Newton Heath throwback shirt

Date: 1992/1993 & 1993/1994

Look for: Originals from the time with laces! You can get similar laces but not the original ones. These shirts have ages well and the material generally holds the colour. Check for damage and holes.

Fakes to look out for: Surprisingly there are not a lot of fakes of these around, compared to the snowflakes. Keep an eye out for anything with CANTONA 7 on the back as I have seen a couple of those recently.

5 - Early 1990's Goalkeeper Shirts

Shirt: Anything in an adult size

Date: 1990-1997

Look for: Shirts that are not completely ruined! Goalkeeper shirts take quite a battering and this shows in their condition. They usually have a mix of pulls, holes and bobbles, especially on the elbows. If you can find one in and adult size and good condition then check the price is good!

Fakes to look out for: I've not seen many fakes of these at all. They would have only been produced in small amounts and are hard to find. As always anything new with tags is one to avoid. 

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please send me a DM on Twitter @casualfootshirt or Insta @casualfootballshirts.

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