Collection: Manchester United Shirts With Name sets

Over there years there have been some incredible names to pull on the Manchester United shirt, Robson, Cantona and Beckham to name a few. Here you'll find all my vintage United shirts with name sets for sale. Some of them are the club legends, some cult heroes and some random ones! 

All the shirts are original prints from them time unless clearly stated in the listing. We do not print shirts and hate seeing a vintage shirt with a modern print job. 

MUFC Named Shirts

I do love a shirt with a legends name on the back. There are just some shirts that suit a certain players name on the back. The 2010/2011 home shirt with Rooney 10 on this back is iconic, anything with Cantona 7 on and a collar is a strong look. 

I also really like the more random names that you don't see very often, like Bruce and Pallister on the 1990s shirts. Find a player you like above and show your support to the iconic names that have played for Manchester United over the years.