Welcome To Manchester - Jim Radcliffe Billboard

With the impending arrival of Sir Jim Radcliffe as co-owner at Manchester United, I have had a new design added to my billboard that is situated by Old Trafford. It is based on the famous Tevez "Welcome to Manchester" billboard that was put up when Tevez moved from United to City. 

Here is the billboard - 

Design for Sir Jim Radcliffe Billboard that can be found near Old Trafford - From Casualfootballshirts.co.uk

Use of this image must be attributed back to casualfootballshirts.co.uk 

Casual Football Shirts owner, Simon Gardner said

"As a lifelong supporter of United, I wanted to welcome Radcliffe to the club. Whilst it is not the full sale that most supporters wanted it is a step in the right direction after years of malaise at Old Trafford. I hope to see Radcliffe and a new sporting team come in and improve the sporting side and structure of the club and get United back to the level they belong at." 

The billboard has been used by Casual Football Shirt throughout the 2023/2024 season with a mix of positive United messages and advertising of football shirts.