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Wholesale Football Shirts - Bulk Orders From 50 to 5,000 Shirts

Wholesale Football Shirts - Bulk Orders From 50 to 5,000 Shirts

All Shirts Come With An Authenticity Guarantee - Money Back +£100 If Your Shirt Isn't authentic.

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Shipping is free in the UK & £9.99 for the rest of the world.

Shipping - Free UK. £9.99 ROW

Shipping is free in the UK via Evri or Royal Mail. International shipping is via Evri, UPS or Royal Mail and costs £9.99 for worldwide shipping.

Delivery - 2-4 Days (UK)

Most orders are dispatched on the next working days. UK Orders are with Hermes on a 2-4 working day delivery. International orders are 7-10 working days.

Current stock - Bundles will be listed here when available in bundles of 20 or 50 shirts. 

The shirts are sold at a price per shirt rather than by weight. This is because all the shirts have been filtered and sorted already - You will know exactly how many shirts you are getting and the exact price per shirt. The shirts are all more modern shirts that we get as we focus on selling vintage and match-worn shirts. 

Why buy bulk football shirts from me?

  • All shirts, including the levels and any product codes, are checked for authenticity. I guarantee that at least 95% of the shirts will be authentic. 
  • All shirts are graded and checked. The shirts I sell wholesale via my website are grade-A authentic shirts. They will be in at least 8.5/10 condition. 
  • No handpicks—Handpick shirts allow selected buyers to get the best stock. Everyone gets random shirts in their bundles or a similar value to keep the system fair. 

Unless clearly stated in the listing, all shirts - 

  • Are in grade A condition with no major defects or damage. (Holes, rips, major pulls, damaged sponsors, etc)
  • Shirts do not have random name sets on the back like "BOB 50".
  • They are actual football shirts and not training tops. Due to the volume I process, there may be an odd training top, but I do try to separate them out at the processing stage where I see them. 

The leagues include All UK, Bundesliga 1, Seria A, La Liga, and Ligue 1 (France), as well as international teams. 

Authenticity checked: I guarantee that 95% of the shirts are authentic, although I would expect the number to be higher. Any shirts that are not authentic will be refunded at the cost per shirt. 

Condition: All shirts are in good to excellent condition and are resellable. They may have some light bobbling or light marks. I filter out any shirts with holes, major damage, or peeling sponsors. Grade A stock is classed as 8/10 condition or above. 

Price per shirt:

Varies depending on the bundle. 

What you won't get in grade-A bundles! 

As a shirt seller, I know what shirts you don't want to receive and this is why these are my grade A shirts. 

  • No random names or numbers
  • A maximum of 10% in XXL size or above. 

Any questions about my grade A shirts please get in touch via social media or using the contact form on the site. 

Eco Packaging

All shirts are dispatched in n early recycled cardboard box and a biodegradable and compostable postage bag.

Condition Guide

Here is a guide to the condition levels. No shirts have holes unless stated in the description of the shirt.

10/10 - New with tags or immaculate

9/10 - Excellent condition, slight signs of wear, no major damage.

8.5/10 - Very good condition, signs of wear, possibly a slight sponsor crack or light pull here and there.

8/10 - Good, work may have signs of wear with more cracking and pulls.

7.5/10 - Worn, more suitable for wearing than collections.

Stock Photos

In cases where there are multiple shirts listed we may use stock photos to show an example of the shirt. The condition guide above will tell you what to expect in terms of the condition levels. If you are not happy we will always take the shirt back and give you a full refund.

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