Modern Manchester United Adidas Shirt Codes

All modern Manchester United shirts come with a 3 digit code to help identify them as authentic shirts. These vary for each shirt and can be harder to identify if they are authentic in the player issue shirts and training shirts. 

Here I am compiling a list of all the codes for Manchester United shirts since they moved to Adidas in the 2014/2015 season. Scroll through to find the shirt code you are looking for. 

Some notes - 

  • Player issue shirts will have a number rather than size letters and will have different codes to the normal shirts. 
  • These are codes I have found and collated from other collectors, as a general rule if the code is right the shirt is authentic.
  • This is the middle code on the label where there is 3 codes. I believe this is inside the neck on all modern Adidas Manchester United shirts. 
  • You can see my guide to spotting fake United shirts here

Manchester United Adidas Shirt Codes

Season 2015/2016 Adidas Codes

Home shirt - AC1414 
Adidas AC1414
Away shirt - AI6363 (is an I not a 1)
Third shirtAC1445
Goalkeeper home - 
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
Half Zip training topAC1968 (White with red print)
Champions League training topAI7504 (Red with CL logo where Adidas logo would be on the shirt)
Presentation jacket - AC1958 (White with red stripes)
Long sleeve training top - AI7471 (Black with red print)
End of Season. See all 15/16 Shirts for sale here

Season 2016/2017 Adidas Codes

Home shirt - AC16720 
Away shirt - AI6704 (is an I not a 1)
Third shirtAI6690 (is an I not a 1)
Goalkeeper home - 
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
Pre match shirtS96152
Adidas S96152 - MUFC 2016-2017 Pre match
Training top - AP1002 (long sleeve)
MUFC 16/17 Adidas Training top - AP1002
End of Season. 

Season 2017/2018 Adidas Codes

Home shirt - BS1214
Away shirt - BS1217
Third shirt - AZ7565
Goalkeeper homeAZ7556 (Black)
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
Training jacket - BS4472 (Grey, long sleeve)
MUFC 2017-2018 Training jacket - BS4472 (Grey, long sleeve)
Adidas Originals 1990 away remake - BS2434
End of season

Season 2018/2019 Adidas Codes

Home shirtCG0040
Away shirt - CG0038 (Pink)
Third shirtDP6022
Goalkeeper home - 
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
Presentation jacket - CW7628
MUFC 2018-2019 Presentation jacket - CW7628
Anthem jacket - DP2327
Graphic jumper - CW7650
3 Stripes track top - CW7668
EA Sports Shirt - EA2117
Training top with snood - 

Season 2019/2020 Adidas Codes

Home shirtED7386
Away shirtED7388
Third shirt
Goalkeeper home - 
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
Training jacket - DX9037
MUFC 2019-2020 Training jacket - DX9037
CNY Jacket - GD4386
CNY Shirt - 

Season 2020/2021 Adidas Codes

Home shirtGC7958
Away shirt - EE2378
Third shirt - FM4236 (Zebra)
Goalkeeper homeEE2392
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third - 
DNA Hoodie - FS2951
CNY Shirt - GT9743
Training top - FR6031

Season 2021/2022 Adidas Codes

Home shirt - H31090
Away shirt - GR3759
Third shirtGS2406
Goalkeeper homeGM4623
Goalkeeper away - 
Goalkeeper third -