Top 5 Manchester United Shirts Of the 1990s

Top 5 Manchester United Shirts Of the 1990s

After my picks for a modern classic (See my other blog posts) I sat down to select my top 5 shirts from 1990 - 1999. This was an amazing period to be a United fan and I remember the shirts fondly from this time. There were a couple of shirts that were straight in the top 5 and a couple that were nowhere near (1996/1997 home and away). 

I'll count them down in reverse order. 

Best Manchester United Shirts 1990-1999

5 - 1996/1997 Third Shirt

Years 1996/1997 & 1997/1998
The blue shirt was used as a third kit for 2 seasons. Obviously, United are not known for paying in blue but this is a standout third shirt. I like the centralised badge and Umbro logo with a patch like the design on either side. It also has a nice collar with a single button. A great shirt design all around. 
MUFC 1997-1997 Blue third shirt
Here is it in action! What is not to love?

4 - 1992/1994 Third Shirt Shirt

Years 1992/1993 & 1993/1994

The iconic green and gold shirt from the original colours of Newton Heath. Not only was this shirt amazing so were the launch photos - 

Manchester United green and gold lit launch photo 1992/1993 season

There was also squad photos with all the players having greased down hair and fake moustaches to make them look like it was the 1900s. Cantona particular suits this look! 

The string design collar was also used on the home kit for these 2 seasons. The shirt had a sublimated pattern with MUFC all over as did the home shirt. This gives it an even better look when close up. These are popular and collectable shirts, especially in good condition with the original strings. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes around of these mainly with CANTONA 7 on the back. This shirt has never been re-made by UMBRO and there are no official remakes that I can find. 

There has been talks and roumers of Adidas doing a remake of this shirt as a third shirt in recent seasons but it has never materialised. I cannot imagine United playing in green and gold under the Glaziers ownership but you never know! 

3 - 1992/1993 Away Shirt

Years 1992/1993
This was a rare one in the sense that United only used it for 1 season. In the early 1990s, most shirts were for 2 seasons with some shirts from the 1980s lasting for 3/4 seasons as a third shirt. 
1992/1993 away shirt is one that divides opinions but I am a big fan of it. Mixed up blue and black design with a league United badge underneath - beautiful. I'd really like to see a modern remake of this shirt with a smilier design.
1992 Away shirt as worn by Eric Cantona
Around this time the badge was incorporated in a few designs including some of the shorts. This is a nice touch in my opinion. 

2 - 1998/1999 Home Shirt

Years 1998/1999 & 1999/2000

The shirt from the treble season will always be remembered fondly. The home shirt in 1998/1999 had Umbro patterns down the sleeve although this was not worn in Europe due to UEFA's advertising rules. The long sleeve version of the shirt is highly collectable and can go for well over £200 on eBay.

1998 home shirt mufc

1 - 1990/1991 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Home Shirt


You cannot split these kits up - each one is a masterpiece and form an incredible collection of shirts for one year. There is even the 1991 European Cup Winners cup away shirt that came out at the end of the season too. 

The home has a unique patterned design which is easier to see on the home goalkeepers. This is the same across the 2 shirts and ties them in well together. Everything about this shirt is perfect as a Manchester United shirt for me. 

MUFC Home shirt pattern 1990

The goalkeeper shirt shows the design better with the green and black combo. Again these shirts are getting rarer and rarer to get hold of in good condition. Here it is in all its beauty. 

Manchester United 1990 home goalkeeper shirt

There is also an away version that follows the same template but is blue instead of green. These are even rarer and I'm not sure if they were commercially available in adult sizes. 

Then we get to the away shirt. What a shirt. The iconic snowflake shirt is much sought after by collectors and they fetch a high price in good condition. This is mainly because the Adidas logo is prone to fading and coming off, the SHARP to wear and tear and the material is like a magnet for pulls! Find one in grey condition and you have done well. 

I'd love to see one found in someone's loft still with the tags in the original bag, there is bound to be one hiding somewhere.

Manchester united 1990 away shirt after winning the cup

The match worn/ player issue of these shirts are the opposite of today's shirt - the badge and logo are embroidered rather than printed. These are worth a lot of money if you have one that can check out as a player issue. 

I hope you enjoyed this look back at my favourite United shirts from the 1990s. Find me on social media to let me know what yours are! 

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