Collection: Wholesale Football Shirts - Bulk Shirts From A UK Seller

I process a lot of football shirts and at times have bundles to sell off at wholesale prices. These are great products to buy for collectors or for resale. 

Current stock: La Liga player issue and match-worn shirts. These are available in bundles of 10 shirts. They are all authentic player shirts. There are no COAs for the match-worn shirts. 8 out of 10 will have the details of the matches they were worn in. These do not include Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid. 

Why buy bulk football shirts from me?

  • All shirts are checked for authenticity. This includes checking the levels and any product codes. I guarantee at least 95% of the shirts will be authentic. 
  • All shirts are graded and checked. All the shirts I sell wholesale via my website are grade A authentic shirts. 
  • Bulk shirts are available from a minimum of 50 shirts, they are randomly selected whether you buy 10 or 1000 shirts. 
  • No handpicks - Handpick shirts allow selected buyers to get the best stock, to keep the system fair everyone gets random shirts in their bundles or a similar value. 

Unless clearly stated in the listing all shirts - 

  • Are in grade A condition with no major defects or damage. (Holes, rips, major pulls)
  • Shirts do not have random name sets on the back like "BOB 50".
  • Are actual football shirts and not training tops. Due to the volume, I process there may be an odd training top but I do try to separate them out at the processing stage where I see them.